Advent Calendars

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I live in Germany, where everyone and their mother has an advent calendar. The idea behind an advent calendar is to have a little something special every day of December, so Christmas doesn't take so long to arrive. 

Kids have advent calendars filled with chocolate or little toys. Adults can have them with a puzzle each day, or a different kind of tea. Or even beer.

When I began writing fiction, I decided I could make a very personal advent calendar for my kids by writing it myself. Each year's short story is split into twenty-four pieces. I read one portion to them every day, starting with the first portion on December 1st.

Please feel free to read these stories yourselves or to share them with your loved ones in December. And I hope it eases the wait until Christmas.

Christmas on a Wet Spaceship  
The Christmas Cookie-Eating Shadow
The Grinch Who Stole All The Holidays
The Letter
Max and Daisy's Christmas

Young Adult:
The North Pole Break-In

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