Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bamberg - Colorful, Dignified and Occasionally a Bit Crooked

One of my kids recently had some appointments in Bamberg, Germany, so I had the opportunity to wander around the town. I've been to Bamberg before, but it had been a while and I'd forgotten how fascinating Bamberg is.

We had some pretty dreary weather, but I'd still love to show you around!

There are colorful buildings...

Old Town Hall

See the 3D effects?

 Old, crooked buildings...

Very dignified buildings...

The Old Palace
Cathedral in the background

Bridges and narrow streets...
Caught a bird in flight on this shot!
Do you see the faces on this bridge?

There's so much more to see in Bamberg - hopefully, I'll get the chance to show you more sometime!

Bonus Pic

My dog being a VeryGoodBoyTM at an outdoor café.

All pictures by me