Monday, August 3, 2015

Beyond Google Glass - The World in 2025: Print Everything

Welcome to Part III of my series "Beyond Google Glass – The World in 2025". Some of these products are available today. Some are receiving the final polish and will be introduced within the next decade. Feel free to check out the other parts of the series too:
Part I - Wearables and Interactive Surfaces
Part II - Shopping in the Future
Part IV - Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Credit: Keith Kissel via Flickr
Today's topic: 3D Printers!

In the section on shopping, I mentioned that we humans were becoming more impatient and less willing to wait. But you can take it further than one hour delivery. Why order the products you want when you can just 3D print them? Click the links to see videos or articles about these up-and-coming concepts.

Before you print, you need a 3D model. Here's a handheld 3D scanner that works similar to taking a normal picture.

AIO Robotics offers a 3D scan, copy, print and fax machine already. Forget your key? Have mom scan and fax it to you. Or you could design products in one location, then send them to your factory as a model for mass production.

New 3D printers allow you to print in different ingredients, including plastics, metals and paper.

These 3D printouts are already being used for promotional puproses. In Israel, for example, Coca Cola set up a scanning center for their customers. They received a printout of themselves – a mini me.

So, printing with plastic, paper or metal doesn't sound spectacular enough? There are even printers that can print using chocolate or other foods.

Kids can produce their own toys using their brainwaves and this 3D printer.

And if Amazon runs out of drones, they can just print more.

What would you like to be able to print at home?

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