Thursday, March 12, 2015


While my son was at choir practice, I took advantage of the dry weather and wandered around town. I'm usually busy while he sings--run to the pharmacy, then the store and the bakery, etc--and don't have time to take in the sights. But this time, I specifically looked around. 

There's a new pizza place with a flashing neon sign: Pizza - Pasta - Salate. Doesn't sound special, does it? It does when the signs are normally wrought iron.

Pharmacy is Apotheke in German and can be recognized by the big, red A.

Sonnen Apotheke = Sun Pharmacy. See the sunflowers?
Bakeries tend to use a pretzel as their trademark.
The addition of wheat stalks on this one is great.

My town has two towers, and I love how the pretzel surrounds them in this sign.
I may be a vegetarian, but I can appreciate the butcher shop signs. For those of you who like to believe meat magically appears in styrofoam packaging, note how the butcher's tools are prominently featured in both.

Yes, this butcher shop has been there since 1859.

Looking for a restaurant?

"seit 1650" means "since 1650."

Even new shops that open up make signs like this, like this hairdresser, with its metal locks of hair.

So now that it is March, there are other signs. Snowdrops and crocuses. The honking of geese overhead as they head north again. A higher number of bicyclists. Yay for spring!

What signs have made an impression on you lately?
All pictures by me.

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