Monday, May 21, 2012

How did I get here?

Let's start with something romantic....

I'm an American and met my German husband while on foreign study in Nuremberg, Germany.  We got to know each other in the TV and rec room of the student dorm.  It was obvious to me there was something going on when we were the only two sitting in the room, "watching" an old, idiotic Hulk Hogan movie.

A commercial for Star Trek Generations came on (dating myself!), and I invited myself along with him.  There's a foreign language theater in Nuremberg, so I asked if we could go see the original English version, so I wouldn't have to hear the familiar TNG actors with German voices.  He agreed, and we had a wonderful time.

Years later, I found out that despite his excellent English skills, he went to see the movie in German ahead of time, to be sure he wouldn't embarrass himself by not understanding something.

My foreign study year ended, and I flew back home, having the amazing luck to sit next to an American man cooing over his new Russian bride the entire eight hour flight.  I actually cried in that plane. 
For the next three months, my boyfriend and I spent way too much money on long distance calls.  One day, I told him I wanted to come back to him.  He said if I did, he wouldn't let me go again.

We've been happily married for sixteen years now.
And that's how I came to Germany. 

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  1. aww.that is a very cool beginning to a long-lasting relationship....